Lydia Antonio de la Garza

Director General for North American Affairs, Mexican Ministry of Economy
Ms. Antonio serves as Director General for North American Affairs at the Ministry ofEconomy since February 2019. She was Deputy Director General for theCompetitiveness Agenda from August 2013 to February 2019 at the MexicanMinistry of Foreign Affairs. Prior to this position, she served as Press Attaché at theEmbassy of Mexico in the United States (January 2011-July 2013) and as Consulfor Political, Economic and Border Affairs at the Consulate General of Mexico in SanDiego, California (September 2003-December 2010). In the Mexican Ministry ofForeign Affairs, she also served as Advisor to Undersecretaries for North America(November 2002-August 2003), for Asia Pacific and Latin America (JanuarySeptember 1998) and as Assistant for the Under Secretary for Multilateral Affairs(1995-1998). She collaborated in the Ministries of Finance and Public Credit, asDeputy Administrator for Diplomatic Franchises (December 1994 – September 1995)and as Advisor to the Undersecretary of Higher Education and Scientific Researchat the Ministry of Education (Dec 1993-1994).

Ms. Antonio is a member of the Mexican Foreign Service since 1999. She has aMaster Degree in International Studies from the Instituto Matías Romero ofDiplomatic Studies (Mexico City 1998-1999) and a BA in International Relations fromthe Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City). She holds Diplomas in “MigratoryLaw and U.S. Legal System” from the University of Arizona (2018), in “Mexico,United States and Canada Relations” from El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (2007-2008) and from El Centro de Investigaciones sobre América del Norte CISAN-UNAM(2014-2015); as well as studies in “Human Rights and Gender Perspective” (InstitutoMatias Romero, 2010), in “Multilateral Diplomacy” (United Nations Institute forTraining and Research –UNITAR- May 2009) and “Commercial Diplomacy”(UNITAR, May 2009), among others.

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